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Who We Are

Expert Façade Consulting for Construction and Litigation

We provide expert façade consulting to clients dealing with the complexity of high-rise construction and high-stakes litigation or insurance claims.

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Nothing Beats Real
World Experience

Façade Consultants has four decades of direct experience building, testing, furnishing, and installing millions of square feet of glass windows and curtainwalls. There’s rarely a situation we haven’t seen many times before. We know what works and what to avoid, helping construction firms successfully complete projects and build structures that endure over time.

We equip our clients with the knowledge, practical advice, and ongoing support to improve quality, increase profitability, and mitigate risk.

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Who We Serve

General Contractors


We help general contractors identify, resolve, and prevent building façade problems to get projects back on track and minimize lost time and money.
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Attorneys & Insurers

& Insurers

We help attorneys quickly grasp the relevant facts, determine the best path forward, and deliver accurate expert testimony to support cases at deposition or trial.
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Architects, Engineers & Designers

Architects, Engineers
& Designers

We collaborate with engineers, architects, and designers to understand the options for façade materials and how different components will work together aesthetically and functionally.
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We give manufacturers the ability to curtail problems with glass quality and performance, protecting their brand reputation and reducing warranty claims.
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How Façade Consultants
Is Doing Things Differently

We can come in at any time during a project for troubleshooting and problem solving. But we are on a mission to help the construction industry take a proactive approach to risk mitigation and stop problems BEFORE they start. This includes collaborating with manufacturers, architects, engineers, and designers on key façade decisions. It also means working directly with general contractors to design and implement quality control processes that prevent issues during installation.

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