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Façade Consultants is a Chicago-based firm providing consulting, testing, forensic investigation, and expert witness services throughout the United States and abroad.

We work with general contractors, architects, and manufacturers to identify, correct, and prevent the root causes of building envelope failures.

We provide attorneys with a clear understanding of the facts that impact their case and a credible expert to testify on legal matters related to injuries, fatalities, and construction defects involving building façades.

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Our Vision II Our Mission

Our Vision

We see a future where it is easier to achieve a high standard of quality and safety, reducing defects, losses, injuries, and fatalities related to building envelope failure.

Our Mission

Façade Consultants is committed to providing clear, accurate, actionable insight to help our clients successfully navigate complex construction projects and legal matters.

Message from the

Building façade is an exciting field with ever-evolving technology. In this arena, you literally never stop learning and you never get bored. On the other hand, when you build buildings, you can bore your friends and family by repeatedly pointing out all the projects you ever worked on. “Did I ever tell you the interesting story about the revolving doors on this high rise? I did? Do you want to hear it again?” For these reasons I encourage a career in construction.

Unfortunately, the accumulated wisdom of the construction industry remains largely undocumented. Trades knowledge is one of the last bastions of the oral tradition, handed down from limping old-timer to buffed & tattooed newbie on the way to the roach coach. Window and curtainwall design, troubleshooting, and testing are rarely taught in school. Certainly, there is no school for construction or façade consulting. We just learn it as we go. One of my goals is to encapsulate and structure this knowledge to make it available for future generations.

Mark Meshulam

Mark has over 40 years of construction experience, with a focus on building façades. He spent three decades as a window and glazing contractor at Builders Architectural Products. For the past ten years, he has served as an expert consultant for clients in Chicago and around the world.

Mark speaks...

Mark is a well known and respected speaker in construction industry events and on TV news.

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