Façade Consultants

At Facade Consultants. we take a comprehensive approach to helping our clients construct buildings that stand the test of time. Problems can arise at any point during the construction process, and we are standing by to troubleshoot.


We use testing and forensic investigation to determine the root causes of failure.


We advise on the best course of action for correction and future prevention.


We create and optimize processes, procedures, and manuals for proper installation.

We document corrective and preventive actions to support the due diligence of our clients. Our detailed recordkeeping is used to provide accurate reporting to owners, lenders. investors. and future buyers.

Our Work

We’re proud to leave our mark on cityscapes in Chicago and across the U.S. Our clients build great things.

Have an Expert at
Your Side

We are a strong and committed partner for general contractors and construction companies facing claims, litigation, and other challenges. Familiar with the complexities of cases involving building envelope failure, we have the experience to provide investigative services and expert testimony.

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Being Proactive
Pays Off in Quality

In construction, it’s normal to hope that all subcontractors and trades will do their jobs perfectly and complete everything on time. But this rarely happens. We act as a proactive partner helping GCs improve project success by inspecting and supervising manufacturing activities in the factory or installation activities on-site.
• We help you identify and fix problems with the building envelope to keep projects on track and minimize delays, disputes, and costs.
• We can also partner with you from the outset, implementing rigorous QC protocols to prevent projects from being derailed in the first place.
• We offer advice on materials and methods for new building design or rehab of existing structures. Making the right choices up front saves time and money later.
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