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At Façade Consultants, we work with clients at any stage of construction. We provide design & shop drawing review, prototyping, proactive QC, troubleshooting, on-site testing, field inspections, factory visits, and more. With 40 years of hands-on experience, we know exactly what works, why things go wrong, and how to prevent costly mistakes.

Common Challenges for General Contractors

When problems arise with windows and façades, this can create chaos throughout a project. Issues with subcontractors are very common and hidden problems can escalate quickly. Then, there’s pressure from every side to get the issue fixed ASAP, causing more conflict and stress. GCs come to us when they are:

  • Experiencing delays in work schedule due to quality issues ranging from product defects to incorrect installation.
  • Losing money and even dipping into the contingency fund to maintain general conditions until the problem is resolved.
  • Unable to determine what happened or why—and who should pay for making it right.
  • Have subcontractors refusing to work because of delayed payment.

We help our clients troubleshoot problems to get projects back on track and avoid the costly consequences of building envelope failure. With ongoing quality control, we help preserve your reputation as a contracting firm that does excellent work.

How Our Consulting Process Helps

We step in to help GCs cut through the confusion and take action to regain control over the project timeline. Together, we can:

  • Figure out exactly what happened as quickly as possible
  • Create a clear action plan for how to fix it
  • Prove the problem was resolved for good with accurate documentation
  • Prevent similar issues from happening again with appropriate QC processes
  • Reduce the time and cost impact of the existing problem
  • Mitigate the risk of additional delays, costs, and problems in the future
  • Ensure subcontractors get paid so they stay happy and on task
  • We also provide expert support to protect your interests if litigation becomes necessary.
    Let’s tackle your construction project together to keep your profits from draining away.
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