Façade Consultants

Façade Consultants provides architects, designers, and engineers with expert advice on product specification for high-rise buildings. With over four decades of direct experience in the industry, we answer key questions for new construction, window replacement, refurbishment, and historic restoration.

Striking the Balance Between Appearance and Performance

At a high level, we work with our clients to explore the issues that impact the success of their project:

  • Are windows, window walls, or curtainwalls the optimal choice?
  • What materials are most appropriate for the design at hand? What do you need to know to avoid using a product that’s inadequate—or excessive?
  • How will the different materials interact and what happens at the intersection of various components in the façade?
  • How will these product specification choices impact the building as a whole?
  • What are known issues with particular products? How do they tend to stand up over time?

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Construction

One of the greatest challenges in building design is the distance between theory and real-world application. A design may be stunning. But if it can’t be built as specified, this creates chaos in the construction phase. We help fill in the blanks regarding the workability of façade design. This includes determining if it represents a reasonable sequence for the various trades to work together efficiently on execution.

We have the hands-on knowledge to deliver practical insight for our clients so their projects can become a reality.

On a granular level, we answer specification questions regarding a wide variety of details:
Pressure | Operation | Ventilation | Hardware | Safety | Customization | Sealants | Warranties | Photovoltaic | Dynamically Dimmable | Hurricane Resistance | Warm Edge Technology | Breather Tubes | Single or Dual Seal | Argon vs. Krypton | Pyrolytic vs. Vacuum Deposition Low-E Coating | Frame Materials, Performance & Finish
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