Façade Consultants

When glass breaks or the building envelope fails, problems can escalate quickly into blame and liability. We delve deeply into the problem in a “hands on” way to uncover the truth and find solutions.


For construction projects, accurate diagnosis improves accountability and ensures the problem is fixed correctly.


For our legal clients, we help avoid surprises and ensure relevant strategies are explored based on all the facts.

Building Envelope Failure Is Complicated

It’s normal to want quick and easy answers when things go wrong. But when windows and surrounding components fail, there are usually multiple factors at play. We fully investigate to identify ALL the root causes and contributing factors.
In addition to investigating the causes of glass breakage, we explore leaks and failure related to many building components.
Caulk/Sealant | Coping | Curtainwall | EIFS or Stucco | Flashing | Masonry | Panel Systems | Roofing | Storefront | Windows

Taking Things Apart to Put the Facts Together

To help our clients arrive at accurate answers, we can:
• Inspect, analyze, and deconstruct components.
• Review the evidence/scene of incident.
• Conduct testing as necessary.
• Determine root causes or recreate the likely sequence of events.

Outcomes of a Forensic Investigation

We forensically disassemble troubled parts of the building façade layer by layer until the problem becomes clear. Every step of the disassembly is documented. We issue clearly explained and well-illustrated reports describing the problem. Then, based upon our 40 years of experience, we propose remedial repairs. If requested, we can also perform the repairs indicated and test them for effectiveness.
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