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Façade Consultants has 40 years of hand-on experience in the specialized area of building envelope failure. We have provided expert support in hundreds of legal cases and insurance claims regarding construction defects, property damage, injuries, and fatalities.

Critical Information

By providing a clear picture of the facts of the matter, we help you spend resources wisely and preserve your track record for success by pursuing cases with a good chance of winning.

Solid Education

We help you quickly grasp a clear layperson’s understanding of the science, engineering, and construction elements of the case so you can argue confidently and effectively.

Strategic Planning

We provide insight into similar cases from the past, so you know what to expect. We also help you consider a broader array of options and strategies so you can build a stronger case.

Meet Your Expert

Mark Meshulam is known throughout the industry as a credible and authoritative expert who can educate and inform the legal team, judge or jury, and other stakeholders in plain language that makes sense.

Mark’s straightforward and compelling presentation style stands out from the usual dry, academic testimony. Trustworthy and likeable witness who makes a positive impact at deposition and trial. He excels at presenting facts in a relatable way through verbal presentation, written reports, and visual aids.

With Mark’s help, attorneys and insurers have the information needed to mitigate risk, determine liability, and move their cases to successful completion.

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